MYBA Portal Help

For assistance with any questions not answered below, please contact the MYBA registrar ( or the MYBA President (

New Player Registration

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Register Online Now”
  3. Enter your email address and click “Search” to see if you are already in the system
    - If system finds you, follow the onscreen instructions)
    - If email not found click “Create New Account”
  4. Enter Display Name. This can be your real name, nickname or other
  5. Enter Email Address and then confirm email address
  6. Enter/create your own password (must contain at least one number and at least one letter)
  7. In the event you forget your password, please select a Security Question and provide the answer, so that your password can be sent to you
  8. Select the email notification options you would like
  9. Click “Save”
  10. Select “Register A New Player”
  11. If you are going to be protected on a coach’s roster, and you have the team code, enter it now and hit “Submit”. Otherwise, select “Skip”
  12. Enter Player’s date of birth
  13. Enter all requested player information requested on the page
  14. Click Next
  15. Carefully read the Consent Form: Participation Agreement and then select the appropriate button at the bottom
  16. If you have your player’s birth certificate in file format, upload the file now, otherwise select “Skip”
  17. If you would like to register another player, click on “register another player”, otherwise complete payment transaction option.